1. It’s probably bad in a funny way

Sometimes you just can’t seem to post something without it looking completely stupid. Some people can just come scrolling by and they see a picture that you posted thinking “Hey! this will get people to laugh” when in all honesty they’re laughing at you! not the post!

  1. It’s too angsty that it’s funny

If you’re a teen complaining about life and how it sucks and you post something about it? Well make sure you don’t make it look completely cringe worthy. You can make a dark post and a sad post but people in this world have a dark sense of humor. You post a picture of yourself on Instagram with some sad words around it, expect people to get a kick out of it. Yes people can make you feel even worse when you either try to be more poetic or whatever you’re doing. Be careful

  1. Posting Cringe Worthy Pictures

Oh boy how many times people on the internet have gotten a hold of pictures and they became the most memed picture on the internet. Sometimes it’s hard to take a picture and not have it look so cringe that it’ll become a meme. Let’s say you post upload a picture and you’re in a certain situation and without your knowing people are either laughing at it in a funny way or laughing at how completely stupid it looks. Either you’re funny or not i guess. Some people laugh or some people call you an idiot.

  1. You’re Instagram just looks Crappy

Trust me there are terrible accounts on Instagram. Some decent but some with just the notion “Why the hell is this even on Instagram?!” People have been making the most Sh*t post accounts on Instagram with attempts at “Dank Memes” and have failed miserably. You will always come across Instagram accounts that try to either be edgy and post things that’ll be taken down within seconds. Or post what people call “Cursed images” The way that it is, people either like the pictures and don’t like the person who post it. Or either people don’t like the person but like the picture. It can be rough being on Instagram.

  1. Be careful what you have around you when you upload

People have been doing this for years. Taking pictures and forgetting what you have around the area. Let’s say a lovely women is taking a selfie and she left a “Toy” on the bed. Or maybe you’re taking a picture of your computer and you left some tabs open. Honestly it’s actually pretty hilarious and having an account open with that type of style is great! Not a bad idea actually. A whole channel centered around “When you see it” Is a very nice idea for an Instagram account. That’s definitely a reason why people would laugh at your Instagram. Take pictures of the background with stuff that people would point out saying “Look at that!” It’ll make people laugh like crazy!

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