Instagram is continuing to increase in popularity and has become a successful community hub. There are a lot of businesses making mistakes that could be avoided fairly easily. This has limited their success on Instagram

The Irregular Posts

Every influencer and brand should be posting content on a regular basis. This ensures they remain active and relevant in their community. Sporadic posts should be avoided and posts should be regular and during peak times.

Off Peak times should be avoided because most people are not on Instagram. The posts are much more effective during the morning hours and once people have left work for the day. This will expose the profile to a larger audience.

The Importance of the Imagery

One of the biggest mistakes made on Instagram is posting images of a low quality. These images appear amateurish as opposed to professional. This does not provide a good representation for the brand and potential customers will be far from impressed.

High quality images are critical for representing the brand properly. Creating unique content requires effort time and money but is more than worth the effort. The best images are crisp, clear, have a theme and were taken in good lighting.

Imagery is crucial for Instagram because it is an extremely visual platform. A quality image will drawn in the desired engagement. This will attract more users to follow the profile.

The Hashtags

Hashtags are important because they will increase exposure. Failing to use hashtags will decrease the chances of engagement and discovery. The hashtags should relate to the niche of the business.

The smaller and more specific hashtags will not engage as many users but they are extremely relevant and targeted. These leads will have a higher potential for conversion. Hashtags can also be added beneath an image as a comment.

The Instagram Bio

The Instagram bio is where users go to learn about the page and determine if they want to follow the company. A blank bio will leave a bad first impression. The bio should include a URL users can click to visit the website.

The Instagram bio should contain the name of an individual or a company. Current contact details such as an email and website should also be included. If the bio is for a physical business location it is important to include the address so the location can be found offline.

The Importance of Participation

Instagram was created as a social media platform. This means it is important to do more than simply reply to comments on posted material. Instagram Engagement with other users on the platform is a necessity.

All comments should be highly relevant. Searching any relevant hashtags will help ensure engagement and develop relationships. All it takes for one amazing lead is a single engagement.

It is important to increase engagement as much as possible. The content should be natural because generic content is useless. Relevant responses and comments will increase engagement.

Asking questions is another way to increase Instagram engagement. This will ensure the conversation continues.

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